Hello World

Hello to everyone who chooses to read this blog.

I’ve created this blog as part of a course on Usability I’m currently taking, and I plan on keeping it going afterward also.
I will share my thoughts on topics in regards to usability, libraries, and technology because frankly I find all three topics very interesting.  For those who haven’t been scared off or confused by this strange combination of topics welcome and I hope you can gather or share some ideas on these topics.  For those that may be a bit confused as to how these three decidedly different topics fit together well I’ll aim to clear that up for you now.

Most people don’t see libraries having much to do with technology, and as for usability well the confusion most have with trying to decipher a libraries organization system is evidence that librarians could work a bit better on that too.  In truth libraries are becoming technology centers in ways most don’t even know about.  They are often the only free local Wi-Fi hotspot, internet cafe, and computer lab in many communities.  Many librarians are also creating maker spaces full of interesting programs and tech from Lego robotics to 3D printing.  If you’ve not heard of e-books I don’t know where you’ve been hiding but libraries are also on the fore front of that technology too.  Every last piece of library services and all of this technology directly relates to usability.  If customers (often called patrons in library land) find a service, program, or technological gizmo difficult or impossible to use than usability experts need to be consulted to fix the problems.  As any librarian will tell you “Our main goal is customer service.” so usability is a big concern.

If you’re still (or more) confused feel free to comment and let me know. 🙂


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