Screeners & Task development – Benefits of a team effort.

This week I got to work with a couple of great classmates on a project to develop a participant screener (which is a way to weed out folks who are not in the target bracket for product testing), and a task list (A set of things for product testers to do).  I found it very challenging developing the screener questions so that we got the answers we needed but not give the potential test participant any hints as to what we were actually looking for.  This is because we don’t want people answering us with what they think we want to hear based off of previous questions just to become a test taker.  Most usability test participants are paid for their time, and we don’t want “pros” involved.

Working on a team was also interesting, and frankly it was amazing how similar many of our initial questions and tasks were.  This is great for team moral but not so hot for developing a broad range of questions and tasks *chuckles*.  We did manage to achieve our goals in case you were wondering.  By working together we were able to: fill in each others gaps, strengthen our wording, improve our task & question order, and hopefully develop a much stronger final product.

I’d happily work with them both again any time.

Thanks Marc & Terry! 🙂


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