Reporting Usability Test Results

The final project for my Usability 1 class was a usability test report.  In other words I had to watch test participant videos note their comments and difficulties during their tasks, and then find a sensible way to report these observations to others. As it turns out watching and analyzing videos is a very … very…time consuming task.  I knew it would take a while to pull out the important bits, but I had no idea it could take as long as it did. (about 2 hours per 20 min video.)  Then again I’m new to this field and not practiced so maybe it just took me longer than most.

Honestly though that was the hardest part of this report.  Because once you have all that information it’s really easy to pull together a report explaining the things that just jumped right out at you and screamed “fix me now!”.  Since those “fix me now” things are the ones that can easily be handed to the folks who can actually fix them it’s really easy (and important) to add them into the report.

Some things I learned, and feel I should share about this process.

1.  Know where your pause button is!
This makes it easy to take notes of the time stamp in your videos for important quotes or events.
2. Take screenshots as you go.
They can be easily pasted into a single document for later editing while the video is paused. (Be sure to note which video & what the time stamp was for each)3.  Trying to take down exact quotes while they are being spoken takes practice, or a lot of pause & rewinding.
I’ll have to use a speech to text program next time.  (I’ll be sure to let you all know how that goes.)

I hope this helps my fellow newbies in UXD a bit.  🙂


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