Quick bit about presenting study findings.

This week I created a presentation of the findings I discovered during the remote usability test (the one I discussed a bit in my last post).  As usual things did not go as easily as I thought they would.  Having done usability reports before I thought it would be easier to do a quick summary presentation (via the often dreaded power point) then to create a full report…not quite the case.  In a presentation you have to be quick, to the point, and still cover all the bases without overwhelming the audience members with to much information.  It took me quite a while to sum up my findings and refine my presentation (slides & script) in order to achieve this goal.

Even after all that work I still found places I could improve.  Then again that’s the point of taking classes right?  🙂

1.  Practice your script (if you have one) a lot before the presentation…even if it is just for a audio / video recording.  The more you have this prepped the less tongue twisting moments you will have in front of the audience, and the less editing you will have to do for any recording you choose to do.  (Bonus: If living audience members are involved it also allows you to be better prepared for questions too.)

2. Practice your public speaking presentation techniques too.  I know I have the bad habit of breaking eye-contact with my audience far to often for comfort.  Again see tip #1.  Best bet is to practice with your team members / friends before the actual presentation and ask for any constructive criticism they can give you.  Tell them not to hold back the negatives as that is what you need to work on.  I actually had a boss in the past join Toast Masters just to work on this, and it worked!

I hope these tips help you a bit too.

Happy Easter. 🙂


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