Intertwining parts of my reality.

For those that read my last post you know that I was weighing options for mobile usability testing.  (if you didn’t read last weeks post..well now you know. *smile*)  My assignment is now complete and to say I gained some astounding insight into the world of mobile UX (usability experience … in case you didn’t know the acronym) testing would be a total exaggeration.  What I learned was simply this … usability testing is a relatively new idea and the tools are still changing.  Toss in mobile devices, which are just under a decade (ish) old and you are mixing two things together that most people weren’t ready to see mixed.  Oops we did, we aren’t alone, and we want better results!  I’m in total agreement with Jennifer Aldrichs’ assessment of the current state of usability testing tools. Check her “Mobile Usability Testing Tools” post to see what I mean.  Jennifer’s last paragraph certainly describes what I would love to see in a UX testing tool.

To add an interesting twist to my reality this week my library hosted a “Technology Petting Zoo” from the state library.  We have tablets of various makes and sizes, e-readers (both kindle & nooks), and we even got to see a 3D printer in action.  So here I am trying to study about testing mobile devices for usability while at the same time helping folks play with some for the first time.  Usability testing meet usability issue discovery!

I can truly say that at least it was an educational week.

PS.  3D printers are a bit slow but really cool. 🙂

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