Eyes are windows into our choices?

This week we are learning more about eye tracking studies, and how they can give insights into how usable a website (or app) is.  Even our teachers lecture was given via a video recording of him using an eye-tracking system.  Getting to see a live video of how this system works was enlightening.  You can actually see everywhere a person is looking at, follow their view path, and in the end see a map of where their highest points of focus were.  If that alone can’t sell you on the benefits of eye-tracking I don’t know what could. (Mind you the equipment price is still a bit steep….so that’s a drawback.)

To put it another way if you are a website / app developer and you could get inside your customers head as they worked their way through your product…wouldn’t you want to?  That is exactly the ability eye-tracking systems give you.  Mind that you have to interpret the results which can I’m sure takes a bit of practice, but the potential benefits make it worth it (at least in my opinion). All that being said I think I’ve got my work cut out for me in learning more about how to understand the results from such studies. Then again there is always something new to learn. 🙂


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